You can do hard things

1. Starting Lessons

1.1  Moss Violin Studio accepts violinists of all levels: Brand new beginners, players with experience with lessons or school programs, advanced students, and musicians dusting off their violin later in life.

1.2   Students with previous experience will have a free trial lesson. They range from 30-60 minutes long (depending on age and level of student) and will primarily be for questions, discussion, and getting to know each other. Bring books and curriculum that you’ve worked from and prepare to share a scale or excerpt that demonstrates your current ability. 

1.3 Beginning violinists will meet with Ms. Moss and watch an observational lesson before being accepted into the studio.

1.4 It is important that students have an instrument of reasonable quality to learn on. I will help guide the selecting and sizing process for beginners!

1.5 Enrollment in the studio is by term.

Tuition and Term Dates

2. Tuition and Billing

2.1  Each terms’ tuition is determined by the amount of lessons, group classes, and recitals involved. Please email to request information about current term tuition.

2.2  Ms. Moss is committed to not turn anyone away due to prohibitive cost, so scholarships are available to supplement tuition of students who demonstrate commitment, merit, and financial need. 

2.3 Tuition can be paid in full at the beginning of the term or divided into monthly payments.

2.4 Monthly payments are due between the first of the month and the first lesson of the month. A late fee of $10 will be added for every lesson taught without prior payment. 

2.5 Payment can be made via check (payable to Vanessa Moss), cash, or Venmo. Electronic payment is preferred, and requests will be sent at the beginning of each month. 

2.6  Tuition is subject to increase each year.

Weekly lessons

3. Scheduling and Attendance

3.1 Once your appointment time has been mutually decided at the beginning of each term, it is expected that students will make every effort to attend that lesson appointment. 

3.2 In order for lessons to begin on time, allow 3-5 minutes for students to unpack, wash hands, and enter the lesson room with instruments and supplies ready to go.

3.3 Make-up and rescheduling lessons are never guaranteed, so please reschedule with as much notice as possible. I recommend you first arrange to trade appointment times with another student in the calendar.

3.4 Make-up lessons will be either in Ellensburg or online, unless otherwise noted.

3.5 If a lesson has to be missed and is unable to be rescheduled, it does not affect tuition (no refunds or crediting to next term).

3.6  With the exception of emergency situations and sudden illness, if a lesson is canceled or forgotten with under 24 hour notice, a make-up lesson will not be made.

3.7 The teacher is allotted one “sick day” per student per year. This missed lesson is not required to be made-up and does not affect tuition. This policy is in accordance with NMTA guidelines for private studio teachers. 

3.8 If the teacher cancels lessons for any reason other than illness, they will be made-up or prorated from Tuition.

Weekly lessons

4. Curriculum

4.1 Lessons:
    Weekly lessons and daily practice are the staple of a students’ progress. We can employ three different formats for lessons, listed below. 

  • In-person: most traditional format, meeting at studio or agreed upon lesson location.
  • Online Lessons: Using Zoom, Facetime, or Google hang. Please budget transition time for the student to set up and prepare for the lesson.  
  • Practice Analysis: Students submits videos (highly recommend Marco Polo) and Ms. Moss will review and respond with feedback.

4.2 Group/Performance Class:
    Each term will have at least two group or performance classes. Students play review songs as an ensemble, play games, and practice performing for each other. Group events are required. 

4.3 Recitals:  
    Most terms will culminate in a formal recital in which students’ perform for each other and for friends and family. Recitals are a great opportunity to get fancy, celebrate their efforts, and congratulate them on their progress! Usually followed by a small reception.

4.4 Master-Classes:
    Occasionally there will be opportunities to have a guest teacher come share their expertise. A master-class is a professional setting in which a select few students perform for the guest teacher and an audience. After each performance, the guest will work with each student in a way that benefits not only the performer but all audience members and participants. You can think of it as half recital, half lesson. Master-classes can be very inspiring and motivating, I highly encourage attendance even if you’re not a student performer.

**Please note, these classes are the only part of the curriculum that are NOT included in tuition. Master-class prices will vary based on guest clinician rates and hall rental.

4.5 Concert Attendance:
    Seeing professional concerts is a wonderful way to inspire students! Parents should plan to take their student to two quality performances a term. Students can report their experience by bringing me a program with a couple short sentences on their experience/favorite part of their performance. The Yakima Symphony Orchestra (YSO) offers student tickets for 5 dollars. Both YSO and The Seasons Performance Hall generously gift free tickets to students of Moss Violin Studio – Vanessa will announce and advertise when those opportunities are available.

See websites for Yakima Symphony Orchestra and Seasons Performance Hall for upcoming concert dates and more information!

Practice, Practice,Practice

5. Practice and Preparation

  • 5.1 Teacher and student spend one weekly session together, but the real progress happens at home with daily practice!

    5.2 Individualized practice expectations will depend on each student by factors including age, playing level, and goals, but following is where expectations start:
        30 minute lessons: 20-35 minutes practice
        45 minutes lessons: 35-60 minutes practice
        60 minute lessons: 60-90 minutes practice

    5.3 Regularity and frequency is more important than the mere totality of your time, and Ms. Moss will help students strategize and organize their sessions.

    5.4 Lesson preparation includes arriving with instruments, books, and supplies.

    5.5 If a student is unprepared, Ms. Moss may end a lesson early.


6. Property and Privacy

Vanessa teaches from her home and, thanks to her percussionist husband Josh, there can be different enticing and noise making things in our living room. Any accompanying children (siblings and/or friends brought along) need not be a distraction for the student. In order to respect our privacy and space, students and guests should stay in designated areas unless invited otherwise.

Stay informed

7. Communication

7.1  Most communication will happen over email. Parents/Guardians/ Adult students are responsible for thoroughly reading emails and responding to pertinent information. 

7.2 Texting is for time sensitive issues only (i.e. running late to lesson, last minute cancellation). Please do not text to reschedule far-out lessons, it will get buried! 

7.3 Please do not text me to verify your lesson appointment, first check the calendar. If something is confusing, or you want to verify lesson location, then feel free to text.