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Prospective Students

“Hello! Here you’ll find all the details you need to know about lessons with Ms. Moss. Please read carefully and I am happy to answer any additional questions you might have.” – Vanessa

  • Prospective Students can be brand new beginners (as young as 3 years old), violinists that have already played through lessons or school programs, or even musicians dusting off their violin later in life!

  • Students with previous experience will have a free trial lesson. They can range from 30-60 minutes long (depending on age and level of student) and will consist primarily of discussion and questions. Prepare to play a scale or excerpt that demonstrates your current skill level, and bring any/all curriculum that you’ve used so far.

  • If the student is a minor, a parent/guardian is required to sit through the trial lesson.

  • If the student is a brand new beginner, you can prepare by purchasing Suzuki Book 1 and Step by Step, Volume 1A. Listen to your new CDs and get excited! No need to have a violin for the first few weeks, we will first learn on a box violin that I will provide.

  • It is important to me that students have a quality instrument to begin on so I will help guide the selecting and sizing process. If you already have a violin, do NOT let your child play without supervision and lesson instruction.

  • Bring this registration form to your first lesson.

Tuition and Term Dates

Tuition Includes Lessons, Performance Classes, & Recitals.

Summer 2020: July 6th-August 21st (7 lesson weeks)
Tuition can be divided into 2 monthly payments.
30 minutes: $268
45 minutes: $382
60 minutes: $495

Fall 2020: September 1st-December 18th (16 lesson weeks)
Tuition can be divided into 4 monthly payments.
30 minutes: $560
45 minutes: $820
60 minutes: $1,080

Winter 2021: January 4th-April 4th (13 lesson weeks)
Tuition can be divided into 3 monthly payments.
30 minutes: $463
45 minutes: $674
60 minutes: $885

Spring 2021: April 11th-June 11th ( 9 lesson weeks)
Tuition can be divided into 3 monthly payments, or paid in full at the beginning of the term.
30 minutes: $355
45 minutes: $512
60 minutes: $670

  • Payment can be made via check (payable to Vanessa Moss), cash, or electronic options include Venmo, PayPal, and Apple-pay. Electronic payment is preferred.

  • Tuition can be paid in full or divided into monthly payments for each term. If monthly payments are being made, they are due by the first lesson of each month. A late fee of $10 will be added if it’s paid after the second lesson.

  • Need-based scholarships are available to students demonstrating dedication, enthusiasm, and effort.

  • Tuition is subject to increase each year.

Weekly lessons


  • Weekly lessons take place Tuesday through Friday. After school hours (3pm on) are in high demand and priority is given to existing students.

  • Once your appointment time has been decided at the beginning of each quarter, it is expected that students will make every effort to come to their lesson. By reserving a time, you have committed to a weekly appointment for you and no-one else.

  • In order for lessons to begin on time, allow 3-5 minutes for students to unpack, wash hands, and enter with instruments and supplies ready to go.

  • Vanessa has a full schedule of performing and teaching, making make-up lessons difficult. Make-up lessons are never guaranteed, so please reschedule with as much notice as possible!

  • Lesson formats (see curriculum) are interchangeable. This creates more flexibility for make-up lessons and Vanessa’s performance schedule. A typical month will have one (sometimes two) weeks where Vanessa is out of town for symphony work – in those weeks we will have online lessons.

  • If Vanessa has to cancel a lesson, they will be made-up.

  • If your student is sick, please keep them home and we can have a video lesson, if their health allows.

  • With the exception of emergency situations and sudden illness, if lesson is canceled with less than 24 hour notice, a make-up lesson will not be made and cancellation will not change term rate as determined at the beginning of each term (no refunds or crediting to next term).

Weekly lessons


Studying violin with Vanessa will engage the whole person and build a supportive community. Students will participate in lessons, group/performance classes, recitals, master-classes, and attend professional concerts.


Weekly lessons (and daily practice) are the staple of your child’s progress. We can employ three different formats for lessons, listed below. As mentioned under “Scheduling,” these lessons are interchangeable for rescheduling purposes.

  • Traditional in-person: Taught at Vanessa’s home studio at designated appointment time. This is the ideal way to meet together, whenever possible!
  • Video Lessons: These take a little more set-up and preparation, but video lessons have proven a great way to stay accountable with progress. For more information on making video lessons successful, please visit “Online Lessons.”
  • Practice Analysis: This consists of students sending videos of lesson content using the app Marco Polo. Vanessa will respond with feedback, adjustments, and direction for the next following week of practice. Videos should be submitted BEFORE lesson time (day before, if possible) so lesson time can be used more efficiently.

Group/Performance Class

Each term will have at least two group or performance classes. They’re an informal setting for students to practice performing and learn how to give encouragement and feedback to their peers.


Once or twice a school year we will have an opportunity to have a guest teacher come share their expertise. A master-class is a professional setting in which a select few students perform for the guest teacher and an audience. After each performance, the guest will work with each student in a way that benefits not only the performer but all audience members and participants. You can think of it as half recital, half lesson. Master-classes can be very inspiring and motivating, I highly encourage attendance even if you’re not a student performer.

**Please note, these classes are the only part of the curriculum that are NOT included in tuition. Master-class prices will vary based on guest clinician rates and hall rental.


Each term will have a formal recital! This is for memorized, polished performances. Lots of preparation and work goes into these, so they’re a great time to get fancy and invite family to celebrate your students’ music making! Usually followed by a small reception.

Concert Attendance

Seeing professional concerts is a wonderful way to inspire students! Parents should plan to take their student to two quality performances a term. Students can report their experience by bringing me a program with a couple short sentences on their experience/favorite part of their performance. The Yakima Symphony Orchestra (YSO) offers student tickets for 5 dollars. Both YSO and The Seasons Performance Hall generously gift free tickets to students of Moss Violin Studio – Vanessa will announce and advertise when those opportunities are available.

See websites for Yakima Symphony Orchestra and Seasons Performance Hall for upcoming concert dates and more information!

Practice, Practice,Practice

Practice and Preparation

  • Students must come prepared for each lesson by thoughtfully practicing their lesson assignments .

  • Preparation includes arriving with instrument (and bow), 3 ring practice binder, and all necessary books/papers.

  • Individualized practice expectations will depend on each student by factors including age, playing level, and goals. See “What To Expect” for more explanation.

  • Far more valuable than “how many hours you practiced” is the presence of DAILY practice that’s full of intention, focus, and quality repetition.

  • Students that don’t prepare do not continue lessons.


Property and Privacy

Vanessa teaches from her home and, thanks to her percussionist husband Josh, there can be different enticing and noise making things in our living room. They are not toys and are off-limits! Neighboring their property is a canal, making it unsafe for kids to play outside unsupervised.

Parents, please supervise siblings and/or friends brought along to lessons. In order to respect our privacy and space, guests should stay in designated areas (teaching studio, sitting room and bathroom).

Stay healthy

Covid-19 Precautions

  • After June 1st the option for in-person lessons will open.

  • Do not resume in-person lessons if a house hold member is high-risk or a healthcare worker.

  • Do not come if you’re aware you’ve been exposed to Covid-19 or feel sick in any way.

  • Please know there is no pressure from Vanessa to resume in-person lessons! She is happy to continue virtually till you are both comfortable and safe.

  • A 15 minute window between each lesson will be scheduled to prevent family interaction/germ sharing.

  • In that 15 minute period Vanessa will sanitize surfaces in the house that students would typically come in contact with (door handles, chairs, music stand, bathroom, etc).

  • Only the student and adult who sits in lesson (when applicable) may enter the house. No family members waiting in sitting room, please!

  • Students will wash hands before entering for lesson. 20 seconds with soap and water, you know the drill!

  • Vanessa will also wash hands between each student.

  • Every reasonable effort will be made to teach with minimal touch adjustments of students, instruments, and supplies.

  • All Covid related limitations are subject to change at any time. Vanessa will prioritize your safety, will be as flexible as reasonably possible, and maintain health guidelines.