Wi-Fi High Five, we got this!

Video Lessons

  • Video Lessons will take place using Face-time or Zoom.

  • Prepare a quiet space where student can focus undisturbed for lesson time.

  • Set up for lesson with stand, books (opened to necessary pages for ease), and pencil!

  • Put your device on do not disturb to prevent interruptions.

  • Tune instrument before call.

  • Device should be propped up (on surface like desk or bookshelf) where the student will be able to see me in the screen and I can see student from the waist up. Student should be centered in screen with stand off to the side.

  • Parent should be present and/or available during lesson.

  • Please allow 3-5 minutes to set up for video lessons, the same way you would for in-person lessons.

video messaging

Practice Analysis Lessons

Practice Analysis lessons create a lot of flexibility in scheduling (videos can be submitted ANY time before lesson). They also provide higher quality sound and response for families with insufficient internet access for quality video streaming. We will be using the free video messaging app Marco Polo.

    • Submit a video for each item in the “What” column of your practice log.

    • Make sure the camera is set up in a way that ensures Vanessa can see student centered in the screen and back far enough that entire upper body, left hand, and bow arm is visible.

    • Verbally identify what you’re about to play at the beginning of each video (Ex. “this is Fiddle Magic, #6”)

    • Marco Polos can be submitted ANY time BEFORE your lesson time. If your schedule allows, please submit the day before. If videos are still coming in during lesson time, Vanessa will not have enough time to respond.

    • Marco Polo can be an awesome tool throughout the week! Students should feel free to send Vanessa questions via videos (with parents permission) as they come up during practice.