You can do hard things


Vanessa believes in creating a space that is safe and positive. She is STOKED to help every student learn the violin. Vanessa holds all her students to high standards of excellence, which are rooted in absolute confidence in their capabilities.

Lessons with Vanessa teaches students to approach challenges with determination, organization, curiosity, and professionalism – qualities that will certainly benefit their lives beyond the violin.

Students study exercises, repertoire, theory, and ensemble skills to make them valuable contributors to the musical community. Vanessa prioritizes technique and tone. Beautiful sound is the ultimate goal of every student, no matter the age or level!

Vanessa treats students with warmth and respect while demanding quality effort and preparation.

Violin is hard! By choosing to learn the violin, students opt to explore a world that is endlessly amazing and challenging. Playing violin means learning how to work through hurdles.

The act of sharing music is immensely rewarding! Students have regular opportunities to perform for each other, being part of an encouraging community of learners in the Moss Violin Studio.

Studying with Vanessa will teach students to find joy in the fruits of their labor! They will learn to be kind and patient with themselves, and constantly prove to themselves…

I can do hard things.”

For all the fine print (policies, tuition, curriculum) please see the Handbook.