You can do hard things


Vanessa is a fun, enthusiastic teacher who is dedicated to creating a safe and positive place for every student to interact with challenges. Her own love of the violin is evident and contagious.

Lessons with Ms. Moss will prioritize proper technique, giving students the building blocks of confidence for them to engage with challenging repertoire. Students are held to high expectations of preparation in at-home practice and follow through with assignments. Through a curriculum of lessons, group-classes, and recitals, students have opportunities to gain performance experience and grow their stage presence. Their skills in note reading, theory, and technical proficiency will make them valuable contributors in their school orchestras and youth symphonies.

Vanessa believes that music education, specifically the discipline of learning violin, can help meet the evolving needs of child education. Learning an instrument helps nurture the whole human child, recognizing their ability to manage their attention and focus as their greatest resource in a world that constantly demands our attention. Through studying music, students learn valuable skills such as time management, presence, careful listening, and focus. These skills foster self-awareness and confidence, which will benefit them in life beyond music.
The Moss Violin Studio provides a nurturing community where students can explore their musical talents, build meaningful connections with their peers, and develop the qualities necessary to engage challenges with confidence. Alumni of MVS have gone on to study music collegiately, play professionally, and Vanessa aims to equip every student with the resources necessary to pursue that life. However, her first goal is to empower them to become self-assured, compassionate, and creative individuals who believe they can do hard things.