Yes, I will be offering summer lessons this year! Please read the following details carefully:

  • Summer term will be lessons only, no group classes or recitals.
  • There are 7 weeks available for lessons (reflected in calendars below)
  • Lessons can be scheduled Tuesday-Thursday (Fridays only as-needed).
  • Weeks with red lines through them indicate NO lesson availability.
  • The goal is for each student to have at least 7 lessons over the summer. This can look like any combination of in person, zoom, and marco-polos lessons. (For instance, we could have both an in-person and a marco-polo lesson in the same lesson week)
  • While summer term isn’t as full or fast paced as the school year, it is critical to stay playing to not lose progress!
  • Fall 2021 Term will begin week of September 6th, full schedule to come.

Summer Tuition
Paid in whole, or 2 payments paid at beginning of July and August.
30: 262 (two payments of 131)
45: 394 (two payments of 197)
60: 525 (two payments of 262.5)

June 2021 Schedule
July 2021 Schedule
August 2021 Schedule